The Dashboard

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 12:58AM CET
Once you log into the Formplus application, you are redirected to the dashboard. From the dashboard, you can easily access all other internal pages of the application.


On the dashboard:
  1. Recent Forms: A listing of up to 4 of your most recently modified forms.
  2. Account Status: This lets you know at a glance your current subscription plan and the number of form responses you have left.
  3. Updates: Displays the latest updates/changes to the system
  4. Tips: Random snippets of tips to help you use Formplus better.
  5. First Name Icon: This displays a list of other options: Settings, Teams, Activity, Manage contact, Help Center, Suggestions, Logout.
  6. Product Update icon: This leads to the product update page where you see the list of all recently updated feature or newly added features.
  7. Teams: This leads to the teams section of your account, it displays a list of the team currently on your account.
  8. The Active Dashboard
  9. Forms:  This leads to the forms page where you see all your forms with form options.
  10. Templates: This leads to the templates page with wide range of templates that you can select from to give you a headstart.
  11. Workflow: This redirects you to the workflow page, where you create your workflows and approvals