Exceeded File storage Limit

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 09:50AM CET
There are 3 main storage options for storing the files submitted on your form;
  • Formplus
  • Google Drive and
  • Dropbox
Currently, Formplus has an unlimited storage limit, this means you can store as many files as you wish if you enable file storage on Formplus. However, the other two storage options have storage limits, this means that once you exceed your storage limit, you will need to create more space on the storage provider to allow storage of incoming files.
If you are storing on Google Drive, and happen to be out of storage space, you can see this article to learn more about creating more storage space on your Google Drive.
If your storage provider is Dropbox, you can see this article to learn more about storage quota on dropbox and what to do if dropbox storage quota is exceeded.