How to customize autoresponder message

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2019 11:02AM CET
The autoresponder feature allows you to send personalized messages to your respondents by customizing your confirmatory message, such that the confirmatory message received by respondents upon submission of your form includes the submitted details of your respondents, and is displayed like a direct message to each respondent.
This helps you to address your respondents personally as well as present a professional front. Each field on your form has a unique field identifier, each field identifier (field ID) is used to reference the submitted details by respondents for that field. See more about Field Identifiers

To send a customized autoresponder message:
1. Click on the Autoresponder tab in the Settings page of your form and click on the Set autoresponder message button. This action will display a modal for you to input your autoresponder message.

2. Input your message alongside the field ID like you are addressing a respondent personally, as you create the autoresponder message.
3. Select the form field you will like to reference its value by clicking on the tiny arrowhead beside the  Insert a field box, this will display a dropdown menu containing all the fields that can be inserted in your message.
4. Click on the desired field you will like to reference and insert into your message, this will display the field ID where the value will appear on the message. This means that to input "Hello Mary", Mary being the data input by your respondent, you will need to type the word "Hello" and then insert the field ID for the field label that will bear "Mary" e.g a Name field.

The image above translates into: 
Hello Mary,

We have received your product request. You will be contacted via your phone number - 2015550123 or your email address - .

Thank you for filling out this form. 

P.S: Not all fields are allowed to be inserted in the Autoresponder messages.