Image choice Field

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2018 01:26PM CET

The Image Choice field is a feature that allows you to insert images as options on your online forms for your respondents to select from.
This field is best used for surveys and quizzes, and also order forms where items and goods can be displayed for respondents to select from.

This field is located under the Choice Options section of the Drag & Drop Fields on the Builder page of your form.
The Image Choice field like all other fields on the Drag & Drop section of the Builder, has 3 icons at the far right of the field - the Edit icon, Duplicate icon and Delete icon.

By clicking on the edit icon of the Image Choice field, you can manage the options associated with this field, these include:
1. Editing the field label (this is consistent with the Field label in other fields, this is where you name your Image Choice field to suit your need. ​
2. Each image option has space (Image label) where you can input the names for the image you have added.​

3. You can make your image field a single choice option by selecting the radio option, (this is the default option), with this option, respondents get to pick only one image in the field or you can make the field a multiple choice option by selecting the Checkbox option, this allows respondents to select more than one image option in the field.

4. You can set the image size to a size of your choice. There are 3 available sizes, small (default image), medium and large.

You can also check the Display Options Inline? box, to make your images display in an inline manner and you can also make the field a compulsory one for respondents to select from before submitting their response, by checking the box beside the option Make Field Required? as shown in the image below.

5. You can name your images in the image label space. Image labels are necessary because this is what is displayed on the Responses page and not the actual image.
6. Images you add in each image option can either be uploaded from your computer or you can add an image using the image URL.

  • To add or upload images from your computer, click on the Upload image tab displayed below the space provided for image link, this will launch your device file explorer from which you can select your preferred image, or clear the default URL and click on the “upload image” button that appears.​
  • To add your image URL, input your image URL in the provided space for image links.​
  • You can always change or remove any image you have input in an option using the Change or Clear button respectively.

7. You can also remove an entire image option from the image field by clicking on the Remove option button at the bottom of the option you want to remove.
8. With the Add New Option button, you can add more images to your Image Choice field.



Things to note:
- Only image labels are stored in the Responses page when respondents submit the form and not the actual image.
Images are responsive on all devices.