Website Field

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2018 10:04AM CET

The Website field is a featu​​re on Formplus that enables you to receive website addresses/ URL from your respondents. The field scans if the data entered conforms to the expected structure of a website address/URL, if your respondent’s input is not a URL or does not conform to the expected structure of a website address, an error message will be displayed.

To add a website field to your form:
1. Locate the Builder page of your form.
2. Click on the Input section under Drag & Drop Fields on the Builder page.
3. From the displayed fields, click on the website field or drag and drop the field to add it to the Builder


If multiple website addresses are required, then it is advisable to add more website fields to your forms with help text to specify that only one website is allowed, this will prevent respondents from entering more than one website address in one field.