Introduction to Form fields

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018 05:26PM CET
Form fields are the building blocks to create a form. They are found at the left side of the form builder, titled Drag & Drop Fields. The form fields are categorized into 6 dropdown.groups, each group containing different fields that suit the category. With the Fields under each category, a complete form can be built and saved with the Save Form button at the top right of the Builder page.


1. The 
Inputs.- The input category contains basic fields that should constitute a form such as Short text, Email, Phone, Long text, Date and Time, e.t.c.
2. The 
Choice Options - This category includes Fields that provide options for respondents in the form such as Checkboxes, Radio e.t.c 
3. The Ratings - The fields under this category can be added to a form to get feedback from respondents.
4. The Media & Structure - In this category, users can embed videos and images on their forms,  add section headers and give descriptions.
5. The File upload  - Users can use the field under this category to receive files and images from respondents when they add this field to their forms.
6. The Payments - In this category, users can receive payments from their respondents by adding any of the payment gateways to their form as long as they have integrated their payment credentials to their Formplus account.

Each Field comes along with 3 icons located on the right side of the Field.

- An edit icon - With which users can use to edit the Field features.
- Duplicate icon - This icon is used to replicate the form field. The replicated field will be found at the bottom of the page.
- Delete icon - This deletes the Field from the page.