Save and Continue Later: Allow your form respondents save their form progress

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2019 09:46AM CET
You can let your form respondents save their form progress while filling a form so they can continue filling the form at a later or more convenient time from any device. This feature is particularly useful for long forms and multipage forms.

Once enabled on a form, a 'Save and Continue Later' grey button is added to the bottom-left of the form. When a form respondent clicks this button, a prompt is displayed to enter their email address. The email address serves as a unique identifier, a link to the partial form entry is generated and sent to the email provided and can also be copied directly from the pop-up box displayed on the page. Using this generated link, your form respondents can continue filling the form from any browser or device.

To enable the Save and Continue Later option on a form:
  • Access the Settings page of the form from your Forms page or by navigating to the Settings tab in the form builder.
  • On the Submission Tab click the toggle button below 'Enable save and continue later?' to enable the option (button turns green).
  • To disable this option, click the toggle button back to its default state (button turns grey).

  1. Partial form submissions are not displayed in the form's Response tab or sheet.
  2. Uploaded files are not saved. Any file(s) uploaded before a form progress is saved will need to be reuploaded. Also, checkboxes field is currently not supported.
  3. A partial form entry is not a submission. A form is submitted when the 'Submit' button has been clicked and a success message received.
  4. There are current limitations to using conditional logic with the save and continue feature as options will need to be reselected for initial form logic to be applied.