Send an autoresponder to your form respondent after a successful form submission

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018 12:36AM CET
The autoresponder feature is now available in Form+. You can send a submission confirmation message to your form respondents after a successful form submission. This confirmation message can be customised to any message of your choice, you can also choose to include the form respondent submitted response in the email.

To enable autoresponder for a form:
  • Access the form settings page by clicking the Settings tab in the form builder or by visiting your Forms page and clicking the Settings option for the form in question.
  • On the form's Settings page, click the Autoresponder option (fourth tab) on the left menu bar.
  • Click the 'Set autoresponder message' to add a custom message to be sent to your form users after submission.
  • To send the form respondents their submitted data, enable the 'Include respondents response in reply' option by clicking the switch below the text to turn it on.
  • The default email subject is the 'Form Name - Submission Summary'. You can change this default title after setting a custom message by inputting your preferred email subject in the 'Autoresponder Title' field.
  • Select an email field in your form to be used as the recipient email address. This field has to be an email field and also a required field. If no email field is selected, a default intro page is added to your form that requests your users to enter their email address.
  • To remove this intro page on an existing form with the default autoresponder, edit the form and select an email field to be used from your form as explained above.