Last Updated: Jul 04, 2017 12:12PM CET
Information about your quota usage can be accessed from your Account & Settings page. Here is all you need to know about quotas.

Quota Reset Date

The quota reset date is the next date when your quotas will be reset to default. This is done on a monthly basis, starting from the next 30 days after your first subscription. Basically, used quotas are reset to 0 after 30 days from the last reset date irrespective of the plan you are subscribed to.


At Form+, submissions and responses are used interchangeably. A response is an individual submission to any of your forms. This is counted on every successful form submission including any test response submitted by yourself.

Quota (Submissions)

The submissions quota is the total number of submissions you can receive on all your forms based on your current plan. The Free plan is limited to 15 responses, the Core plan 150 responses, the Pro plan 400 responses, and there is no limit to the number of responses you can receive on the Unlimited plan.
Once you exceed your submissions quota, you will no longer be able to receive responses on any of your forms and a notification email will be sent to you. It is currently not possible to purchase additional quota. If you do use up your quota before your subscription end date, you can contact support@formpl.us and request to purchase a new plan.

Quota (Forms)

The forms quota is the number of forms you can create on your current plan. You can create unlimited number of forms on all Form+ plans. Your remaining forms quota is always unlimited while your used form quota is the count of the number of forms you have created since your last quota reset date.

File Uploads Quota

Form+ allows you receive file uploads of any size, and there is no limit to the total size of files you can receive monthly or in a form. However, all uploaded files are limited to the available space in your cloud storage. This means, if you will be receiving a total of 10GB of files from your form, you need to have more than 10GB of free space in your cloud storage.

If you have exceeded the available space in your cloud storage, all incoming form submissions with file uploads will remain pending on our servers till you have created some more space.