Form Field Options

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2019 09:25AM CET
A form field has the following options, depending on the field these options might vary from field to field:


Label: The name of the field. This where you would actually specify the question or details you are asking from your form users. For example, Name, Country, Date of Birth, and so on.

Subtext(Supporting help text): This is text that appears under a form field to explain how to fill out that field.

Placeholder: is the text displayed inside a form field. It can be used to provide more information about a field. The text is greyed out and once a user starts typing in the field, the text disappears.

Required: Making a field required means the user cannot submit your form without filling out that field. To make a field required, just click or select the checkbox in front of the Required option. Required fields that are not filled out will be highlighted in red when your form user clicks the submit button.