Introduction to Form fields

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2018 05:11PM CET
Form fields can be found at the left side of the form builder, titled Drag & Drop Fields. The form fields are categorized into 4. We have the Inputs fields,  the Dropdowns, Checkboxes & Radios fields, the Media & Structure fields, Ratings field and the File upload field. We will take a look at each of the form fields by category.


Short Text: Best used for receiving short/single-line text based answers such as names, location, statements, e.t.c. The field has a type option (Text, Email, Number), by default, it is set to Text. The Email and Number type option act exactly the same way an Email and Number field behaves. You can set a minimum and maximum length of characters your users can input in the Short Text field

Number: The Number field is used for accepting numerical answers. Bear in mind that this field only accepts integer values/whole numbers e.g 200, 57835, 12, e.t.c, only use this field if you are sure all possible answers to the question are whole numbers. If you are not entirely sure or you would like to accept decimal values, you can use the Short Text field instead.

Email: The Email field is used for collecting valid email addresses. This field checks if the text inputted matches the pattern expected of a real email address. Only one email address is allowed per email field, else the field would not recognize the emails as a valid email address. If you need to request for multiple email address, you should add an Email field for individual email address.

Labeled Input: The labeled input is useful for specifying a default text or format you want for a field. You can prepend a text (left), append (right), or have it both ways (left and right). The field has a type option (Text, Email, Number), by default, it is set to Text. The Email and Number type option act exactly the same way an Email and Number field behaves. Please note that the value of the labeled input is not added to the submitted responses.

Long Text: Ideal for long answers such as addresses, comments, additional ideas, suggestions, messages, short essay answers, e.t.c.

Date & Time: You can use the Date & Time field for date and/or time related questions. You can set the type as a Date & Time field, Date only field, or Time only field. For the Date & Time option, a date and time picker is displayed to anyone filing your form, the Date only field displays a date picker and the Time only field displays a time picker.

Phone: The Phone field is used for collecting valid phone numbers. The phone field displays a dropdown of all countries with each country code prefixed and their expected phone format masked. Only numbers in the expected format (as masked) for each country will be accepted on the phone field, any other number format or character different from that will be flagged as invalid.The phone field accepts a single phone number at a time, if you require more than one phone number, please add an additional Phone field for each extra phone number.

You can select a default phone code that will be the first/default option to your users, this is useful if you know the country majority of your form respondents are located in. You can also limit the drop-down options to specific countries, this means your form users will only be able to provide phone numbers for the selected countries, this is useful if you are entirely sure of the countries your form respondents are located in or if you would like only people from specific countries to fill your form.

Dropdowns, Checkboxes & Radios fields

Basic Select: The Basic Select is a dropdown field best used for close-ended questions with numerous options that allow for only one selection by the user. An ideal use case for a Basic Select field is selecting a country or city.

Multiple Select: The Multiple Select field is best used for close-ended questions with numerous options that allow for more than one selection by the user from a dropdown. An example use case of a Multiple Select field is allowing your form users select their food options from a long list of the menu that will be available on your event day.

Checkboxes: Checkboxes field are used for multiple choice questions with few or several possible options. A Checkbox field allows for more than one option selection by the user.

Radio (Radio button): Radio fields are good for questions with few or several options and only one possible answer. A Radio field prevents the user from selecting more than one option.

Media & Structure fields

Description: The Description field is a Markdown supported text editor that enables you to include formatted text, links, images, lists, and so on your form.

Section Header: This field is used to divide your form into sections and add a heading to your form sections. You can check the Divider option to add a faint line to a section. If you would prefer not to title your section, you can leave the Text field empty and just check the Divider option

Embed Image:  This field lets you easily add an image to your form. Currently, images can only be added using the image URL, this means that you can not upload images locally from your computer/phone, the images have to be stored publicly somewhere online. Clear the existing URL in the Image URL field and enter a valid URL of your own image. If the image URL is valid, the image will be displayed in the form builder once you paste the link. You can change the position of your image to right, left, or center by selecting an option from the Placement field. The default position is Center.

Embed Video: The embed video field can be used to include a video in your form. Currently, only videos hosted on Youtube and Vimeo can be added. Simply copy and paste the video link into the Url field. You can also change the width and height of your video using the Width and Height field.

File upload field

File upload: This field is used for receiving files on a form. This gives your users the ability to attach files to their form submissions. Each File Upload field is limited to one upload per field, so you will need to add multiple File Upload fields if you need your form users need to attach more than one document. There is currently no maximum file size of the files that can be uploaded in a file upload field or in a form with file upload fields.