How to Let Respondents Edit Their Form Submissions

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2019 01:07PM CET

The edit response option enables your respondents to edit or change their response after submission. This option is found in the Settings >> Submission tab of the form. as shown in the image below. Toggle the switch to enable this option as it is disabled by default.

Once you have enabled this option, four other options are displayed



These four additional options are explained below;

  1. Would you like to be notified when a response is edited? - Once this option is enabled, you will be able to receive notifications after each edit is made to a submission. Irrespective of whether you have chosen to receive submission notifications for the form or not, you will still be able to receive a notification email after edit has been made if you enable this option. This email can be customized in the Settings >> Email notification page of your form, kindly see this article for more information.
  2. Would you like respondents to receive confirmation after edit? -  Just as it is labeled, this option will resend a confirmation email to your respondents after they have edited their response. You need to have the Autoresponder option enabled on your form. See this article for more information about autoresponder. Unlike the edit email notification option, the autoresponder message sent after an edit is made, is the same autoresponder message that is sent after a form submission. There is no way to add a different message for confirmation emails after edit.
  3. When should all edit links close? -  This option will automatically disable all edit response links on the specific date you have selected. This means that after the selected date, your respondents will not be able to edit their response anymore. The edit response link expires at 11:59 PM of the selected date in the form’s time zone. If you respondent tries to edit their response using an expired edit link, they see the default message - This can be customized in the Settings > Custom texts section of the form.
  4. How long does a respondent have until their edit link closes? - This option allows you to specify the time period a respondent has to edit their submitted response. Unlike the option to expire all edit links after a selected date that close all edit links after a specified date, this option closes each  edit link after the specified period based on when the respondent submitted the form Example; if you have entered 2 days in the option, a respondent’s edit link will expire 2 days after they have filled the form. Although this option is set in days by default, you can also input hours relative to days to specify that the respondent has the inputted number of hours to edit a response. Example, to specify that a respondent has 5 hours before edit link expires, then you input 0.2 days. To get the number of hours in days, divide the preferred hours by 24 and input the result from your division.
Once the Edit Response option is enabled on a form, the form will automatically display an edit button and an option to copy the edit link on its post submission page - This is the page displayed on the form after your respondents have successfully sent in their submission. A sample image is displayed below.

After a submission has been made, the respondent can immediately edit the submitted response by clicking on the Edit button or copying the edit link into a new tab to edit the submitted response.
Once a respondent leaves the form without copying the edit link, then the edit link for that submission can not be retrieved anymore when the page is reloaded. Therefore, we recommend that this link should be added to the autoresponder (Confirmation email) sent to the respondent after submission. Then, the respondent can always reference the email for the edit link if they choose to edit their response.
The Edit Response tag is also included in the insert form data section when creating the autoresponder message or Post submission message. However, this tag is only displayed when you have enabled the Edit Response option. Please see
this article for more information on how to insert form data in your confirmation emails.

Your Responses page will display two additional submission columns Titled “Modified Time” and “Last Edited by”. These columns are located after the Timestamp column.
  • Modified Time displays the time the most recent time the submission has been updated, i.e the time the response was last edited.
  • Last Edited By displays the name and email address of the person who made the most recent edit if the person is logged in to a Formplus account. This is explained more in the Editing Submitted Data stored in Formplus section. However, if the respondent last made an edit and they are not a team member, the last edited by displays " “Respondent link”.
Although the results in these columns change due to edits made to the submission. The Timestamp for the original submission does not change.
When a respondent edits a response the “Submit” text which is displayed on the submit button in the form is replaced with “Update Response". You can customize this text in the Settings >> Custom Text tab of your form.
This article provides more information on how to change custom text on your form.

Please note the following;
  1. This option is only available for forms that have their response storage as Formplus or Formplus & Google Sheets. 
  2. This option can also be set to work with setting a deadline for submission such that the set date for edit links to expire is also the same as that for the deadline for submission. With this, no other information will be submitted or updated on the form.
  3. Payment fields are not editable.
  4. If a response containing a signature (signature field) is edited, any previously submitted signature is removed and the respondent will need to input their signature again in such field(s).
  5. If your form is connected with Google Sheets, modification to any submission on the form will also be updated to the spreadsheet. However, you are required not to move rows, add rows in-between submissions, or reorder rows with submissions. You are also required not to move columns, add columns in-between, or reorder any columns between the first column (Submission ID) and last column (Last modified by) generated by Formplus. Making any of the changes stated will prevent modified submissions from being updated to the spreadsheet successfully. You are still able to add your own columns after the ‘Last modified by’ column
  6. Users without an active subscription or whose trial has expired cannot edit a response.
  7. If the maximum number of submissions set on a form has been reached, respondents with the edit link will still be able to edit the previously submitted response. To prevent edits after the maximum number of submissions has been reached, you can turn off the edit response option completely or make use of the option to close all edit links and select a date in the past.
  8. However, to display other options such as allowing images and attachment in your edit notification, you will need to enable email notification. Learn more about email notifications in this article.
  9. If a form’s submission deadline has passed and the form is closed, respondents with the edit link will still be able to edit a submitted response. To prevent edits after the submission deadline has passed, you can make use of the option to close all edit links on a specified date and select the same date as the submission deadline date so form submissions and editing submissions close on the same date.
  10. If the form has a new version (new tab in spreadsheet) and response in any old version is edited, when the data is updated in the spreadsheet, it may not be in the right format. This is because the form’s structure has changed since the original submission was made and the updated submission will take the current form’s structure.
  11. There are possibilities that an edited response is not properly updated in the spreadsheet especially for spreadsheets that have been modified. For example, point 5 above are some of the reasons that may prevent a response in a spreadsheet from being updated appropriately. However, at every point in time, the responses page in Formplus is always updated with the most updated version of all responses. When in doubt or if you need to take critical decisions based on changes that may have been made to data, the forms responses in Formplus which can be accessed and exported from the Responses page supersedes the data in the form’s spreadsheet
As a form owner or team member with the permissions of an Admin, Editor, or Approver, you can also edit responses submitted to your form. Kindly see this article to learn how to go about this.