Storing Files in Microsoft OneDrive with Online Forms

Last Updated: May 21, 2019 03:30AM CET
The Microsoft OneDrive integration with Formplus allows you to store all files and images submitted through your form in your Microsoft OneDrive account. With OneDrive you can also share the uploaded files & images with other members of your team.

Integrating OneDrive On Your Formplus Account

Integrating your OneDrive account can be done throughout your forms or it can be done for a specific form.

Integrating One Drive Across All Forms
To use OneDrive storage throughout your forms, follow the steps below;

To allow for a global setting, follow the steps below:
  • Click on the first letter icon at the top right of your dashboard.
  • Select the Settings tab from the dropdown list displayed. This will redirect you to the Accounts & Settings page.
  • Click on the Permissions tab from the left navigation bar of the Accounts & Settings page. This will display a page with files and responses storage option.
  • Click on the Authorize and Set button below the OneDrive icon on this page. This action will redirect you to the OneDrive authentication page to select your preferred OneDrive account. Once you have selected preferred OneDrive account, exit the page to go back to the Accounts & Settings page.
  • Click on the Save Options button at the top right of the Settings page to save the selected file storage.
This integration method affects all forms on your account such that files submitted on your forms will be saved in your selected OneDrive account.

Integrating with a specific form(s).

  • Go to the Settings page of the form you will like to store submitted files on your OneDrive account.
  • Select the General tab (default page displayed). In the option - "Where do you want to store your files?", click on the caret to display a dropdown list of available file storage providers - Formplus, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Select Microsoft OneDrive to enable file storage on your OneDrive account.
  • If you have not authorized a Microsoft OneDrive account previously, you will be required to do so when you select the Microsoft OneDrive option. This is the account on which all files submitted through the form will be stored.
‚ÄčStoring files in One Drive
To successfully store files on your OneDrive account, you are expected to have enough storage space on your OneDrive account. Otherwise, the file(s) upload and syncing to your OneDrive account will remain pending and would not be transferred as expected. OneDrive allows storage space of 5GB for free. Once exhausted, you will be required to purchase additional storage space. You can learn more about OneDrive storage space here.

How To access Files stored in your Microsoft OneDrive
If you have allowed storage of responses on Formplus, you can access your files via the file link displayed on the Responses page of your form, on your Formplus account. Or access the files directly from your OneDrive account.
From your OneDrive account - Once you connect a OneDrive account with Formplus - a Formplus folder is created in the main files folder in your OneDrive account. Inside this Form folder, each form in your Formplus account with OneDrive as its file storage service will have a folder where files submitted through the form are stored. This folder is created once a file submission is made. To search for the file folder of the form in your OneDrive account, you can use the form name. The file folder is named as - FormName - file submission”.

PS. If you have more than one file upload field on a form, then each file upload field will have a subfolder inside the main folder, you can then locate the files in each subfolder for each file for the field.