How to set default value for form fields

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 01:14PM CET
The default value option allows you to save time used in filling out your forms by inputting an answer on a field which serves as a fall back answer in a field where this option has been enabled.
This option is present in the edit modal of fields in the Builder > Input section (other fields will be considered later). Add the preferred default answer in the space provided for default answers in the edit modal.

If the inputted answer does not tally with respondents answer, the respondent can decide to clear the answer and input his preferred answer.
E.g A form created for a group of farmers with a field labeled occupation. The form owner could set the default answer for this field as "Farming" considering that majority of the respondents are farmers. However, if a non-farmer fills out the form, they can clear this answer and input their preferred answer. It is possible to do this if the field has not been set to read-only. A field set to read-only can not be edited.