How to autofill a form from another form

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019 04:43PM CET

You can automatically fill fields in a form with data from a spreadsheet or submitted responses from another form.

To do this, you will need two forms, the lookup form to display the data and the source form from which data will be referenced.

  1. Sign up or sign in to the Formplus application.

  2. Create your form and include the lookup field. You can also create the source form from scratch or select an existing form.

  3. From the edit icon of the lookup field of your lookup form, select the autocomplete option so that your lookup field will cause the partial filling of the form with the data from the source form.

  4. Select the type of field you will like your lookup field to be. For this lookup type, the field types displayed are the -Short text, Number, Basic select, Radio, Email.

  5. Rename your lookup field label just as you rename other form field labels

  6. Select the form which should serve as the source form. This is the form you will be referencing data from.

  7. The step above will cause a select box to be displayed, where you choose which field in the source form that should trigger the auto-filling. Once a respondent fills out this field, it populates the form with the details from the source form.
    For example, an employee has filled out the employee form where all his details are already included in the form. He then needs to fill another form which will require his details and this form has been looked-up, the employee form being used as the source form, and the triggering field is the name field from the employee form. Once he enters his name, every other matched detail on the form will automatically be displayed on the lookup form.

  8. Once you enter the field that triggers the lookup action, the mapping options will be displayed. This is where you attach field data from your source form to fields in the lookup form. Using the above example again, the email field in the source form can be mapped to an Email field or any other field in the lookup form such that once the employee fills out the triggering field, every other matched data will be mapped to individual fields.