Creating a workflow

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2019 07:06PM CET

You can use workflow management to create online forms for tasks with basic approvals or tasks with a complex level of approvals that involves several interconnected steps, people and processes. Such task could be requesting for annual leave from your supervisor which could be accepted or rejected or to receive job application forms from several people where you can send a rejection or acceptance notification to applicants or as an administrator in a school, you can use the workflow to send students details across departments amongst many use cases of the workflow.

Creating a workflow on a form on Formplus is a one-time process. This means that once you create a workflow on a form, it is automatically integrated into the form and will always be on the form.

Kindly follow the steps below to integrate workflow into your form:
- Sign up/sign in to Formplus.
- Create the form to be used for the Workflow (Please note that workflow forms need to have a required email address field so ensure to add an email field to your workflow form and make it required). After creating the form, head over to the Workflow page.
- The workflow page is found at the top of the main navigation together with other options as shown in the image below.

- Click on Workflow to be redirected to the workflow page.
- On the Workflow page, click on the Create Workflow button at the top right of the page to display a modal as shown
- Name your workflow process and select a form to be used for this workflow process (Please note that any form to be used to start a workflow process needs to contain a required email field). Click on the next button after you have named your workflow to continue

You will be redirected to the page to the newly created workflow page. This page consist of two tabs:

i. The Dashboard - The main page were you create and manage the workflow stages which includes adding reviewers
(reviewers are the people to either approve or deny a submission)
ii. The Request tab - This request tab is where you can see all submissions or requests associated with the workflow

For the purpose of creating a workflow, we will focus on the Dashboard tab.

The Dashboard

This is where your workflow name is displayed, you can rename your workflow by clicking on the pen icon at the end of the workflow name.​ This page has the following options​:
The switch - This is where you can set the workflow to active or inactive. By default, a workflow is active on a form.​ This section of the page holds 4 stages of the workflow process

Basic Info - This is the first stage of the process and you are expected to name the first stage of your workflow, as well as the method of approval. There are two methods of approval:

  • Approve with Comment - With this option, the approver can add comments to the approval process.​
  • Approve with Form - With this option, you can include a form with which approver can approve on. Selecting this option displays a select box with a drop-down list of forms available on the team for the approval process.​​
​​Add Reviewers - This is the second stage of the workflow process, at this stage, you add the email address of the team members required to review, the email field to which review is sent to - to do this, your starting form will need to have an email field. And the number of approvals required for the form.
When adding reviewers (approvers), you can add all the approvers in a team at once by selecting the team name(s) from the dropdown or add individual team members by selecting their email address.
N.B: Please note that the number of reviewers you select should not be more than the number of minimum approvals required. This means the minimum number of approvals must be less than or equals to the number of reviewers added.

Notifications - This is the third stage of the workflow and it has 3 sections; Reviewer(s) Notification Email section, Applicant Notification Email section, and Team Member Update email.
Notify reviewe
rs to review - This button is set active by default (green means active, while grey means inactive). Making this button active will notify reviewers once there is a review to be made.
Sender Name - The default sender name is Formplus notification. However, this can be edited to suit your brand/organization e.g Mark from Formplus.
Reply- To Email - This is where you input the email address to which a response to the review email is sent to. The default reply to the email is the email address associated with the Formplus account.
Subject - Here, you can customize the subject of your email to suit your purpose. The default subject is "You have a new assignment in {Workflow name}.
Email Content - Here, you input the content of your email to suit your purpose.

Applicant Update email - Here, you decide if the applicant should get a rejection or acceptance email depending on what the approver has approved. Selecting any of the options will display a list as shown in the Reviewer Notification email section.
Team Member(s) Update Email - This section has additional options such as selecting the team member(s) that will receive the update email. On the Email content section, you can also add approval data to the email content.
After you have input all options as expected, click on the Next button at the bottom left of the page to be redirected to the next stage.

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting to this stage. Here is the final stage of the workflow automation process. At this stage, you can customize your “Approve” or “Denial” button to serve your purpose. E.g Rather than Approve you can customize to accept.
Click on the Create button to successfully create your workflow process. You can go back to any of the workflow stages by using the Previous button. If you have selected a form to approve with, the edited approval or denial button will be displayed on the form.