Introduction to using Workflows in Formplus

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2019 03:59PM CET
Use workflow to transform the way you handle approvals and manual processes in your departments or organization. Workflows in Formplus allows you to automate your process with online forms. This helps to make your workflow processes more efficient, keep your team organized, and save you time and resources.

Workflows can be used in organizational processes where single level or multiple level approvals are required at different steps by team members, i.e in cases where requests need to reviewed or approved by another member of your team before it is passed on to the next person. Workflow automation can be used in different Industries - in  Human Resources, Education and/or Internal Operations teams of medium and large organizations.
For example, Michael has just filled out a reimbursement form and it has to go through the following key members of his team - his supervisor, Head of Department, HR manager before it arrives at the Account Manager’s desk. By using workflows, this company can automate the entire process. This will make it easier to track and manage as the form moves from one stage to the other. Other team members can track the status and progress of the form.

The process of creating workflows in Formplus can be done in 4 summarized steps:
Sign up/sign in to Formplus.
Create a form by choosing a template from over 50 templates or build one from scratch using the form builder. Save the form.
Integrate your form with the workflow functionality.

Ensure that workflow for the form is active

If you will like to see a video version of the workflow, kindly see the video below