How to create a team

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2019 11:14AM CET
With the Formplus team feature, you can invite more users to your Formplus account and give varying levels of permissions to create forms and view responses.
To create a team in Formplus, follow the steps below:
  • Sign up/ sign in into Formplus
  • Click on the ​Teams icon the top right of your dashboard. Since you have not created a Team, it will display a message that says you have no teams yet. ​
  • Click on the Create a Team button to get started.
  • This page will be blank with just the Create team button.
  • Click on the Create team button to create a new team. A field is displayed for you to enter the name of the team you want to create.​
  • Click on the Create button below this input box to successfully create the team. A success message will be displayed to indicate that a team has been created.
After creating a team, you are redirected to a page to invite members to join your new team. See this article for more information on how to invite team members.