How to delete a team member

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2019 05:39PM CET

When team members collaborate on a team, the team members with allowed permissions can invite team members as well as delete a team member after the project is completed.
This can be done in very simple steps as shown below:

  • Click on the teams at the top right of your dashboard, this will display a dropdown list.
  • Select the All teams tab to display a list of all the teams you have on your account together with the manage option for the teams.​
  • Click on the Manage option of the team you wish to remove a team member from. This will display a page showing all team members, their roles, when they came on board and the delete button
  • Click on the delete button of the team member you wish to remove from the team. A modal is displayed to confirm the deletion of the team member.
  • You can also delete a team from your account. See this article to learn how this is done.​