Introduction to teams

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2019 06:11PM CET

Collaborating with team members on a project makes the work easier and faster, saves time and resources, thereby improving efficiency.
The multi-user functionality in Formplus also known as Teams provides users with more collaborating power to enable them to work ‚Äčtogether effectively.

For example, a large organization with different departments such as Finance department, Human Resource, Sales, etc. can each have a team with different team members all in one account.
With the teams feature, the account owner/team owner can perform various activities on a team such as create a team, add or delete team members to the team, assign specific roles to team members. The available roles on a team are listed as follows:

  • Admin
  • Approver
  • Creator
  • Editor
  • Viewer

The roles above can be attached to a team member. You can see this table for different permission levels allowed to roles on a team.
As the account owner, you can also choose to join a team or exit a team.

Forms created in a team cannot be seen by team members of a different team except they are also members of the team on which the form was created and also currently on the team.
This feature is only available to users on the Professional, Platinum, and Enterprise plan with varying limits to the number of teams that can be created.

Please Note: On the Professional plan, users can only have 1 additional user to their account.  Users on the platinum plan can have 4 additional users while users on the Enterprise plan can have as many users needed starting with 6 additional users.