How to customise submission email notification message

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019 06:25PM CET

This option allows you to customize the default email notification received when a submission is sent. If you have included other recipients to receive email notifications, then this option will be more useful as it also allows you to customize the email notification sent as well as adding more information to the email from the submitted response.
This option is found in the Settings > Email notification page of your form. This option is not visible until you have selected a notification
schedule option.


How it works

1. Sign up or sign in, create your form and save your form.

2. Select the settings tab on the top navigation bar of the page. If you already have a form, you can select the settings option of the form from the Forms page on your dashboard.

3. Click on the Email Notification tab from the left side of the settings page. This will display the email notification page.

4. On the email notification page, schedule when to receive email notification by clicking on the dropdown list below the header - “When should we notify you of new submissions?”  

5. Selecting a schedule for notification will automatically display the button with which you can customize the notification email.

6. On clicking the “Customize Email Notification” button the following options are shown:

  • Sender Name - You can edit the sender name to the name of your choice with this option. E.g - Mark from Formplus. The default sender name is “Formplus Notifications”

  • Reply to Email - This is the email address you will prefer to receive the reply to the notification on. The default is your Formplus account email, you can change this to any other email or you can set the respondents email as a “reply to email”. This lets you directly reply to them from the notification email.
    You can do this by clicking on the text “
    Or set respondent email as reply-to email” below the box provided to set a reply to email. This action displays a box to select a required email field in the form which the reply should be sent to. Just like the autoresponder email, if you have not chosen a required email field, then an intro page will be displayed on the form requesting for the respondent’s email address.

  • Subject - This is the subject of the email. The subject can be customized to include form data such as form name, form link or respondent's input from the “Insert From Data” list at the end of the subject input box.

  • The text box to allow for customization of the email notification. This is where you should input your email content. You can also insert data from your respondent’s response using the “Insert Form data” button which displays which displays the field in the form that can be included in the email.

  • Inputting text in the text box is similar to adding the autoresponder functionality on your form. If you have enabled this option and have not input any custom message, the default text shown is this “ Hello, someone just submitted a response to your form - form link.