How to Create a Custom URL for a Form

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2019 06:22PM CET

Custom Form URLs are especially used for branding your form link. You can also use this feature to customize your shortened URL. For example,

To customize the shortened links to your form using preferred words, kindly follow these steps:

  • Click on the Share page of your form.

  • Select the Publish tab at the left navigation bar. This will display a page with different sharing options, on this page, below the section titled Form Links, input your custom word in the box provided just below  “Custom short form link”.

  • Click on the Generate button to display the form link you have created, this will display your custom form link below the box you have input your custom name.
  • Click on the copy button beside the generated link. This automatically copies the form custom form link which you can then share with your respondents.

Please note that you can only customize a form URL with alphanumeric characters, no special characters are allowed. For example - is not allowed in the form custom option. Custom form links are also unique across the website, therefore if the form link you have input has been taken, you should try a similar word or include a number to the custom word.

This feature is only available for users on the professional, Platinum and Enterprise plan.