Prefilling Form Fields

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2019 12:58PM CET

The prefilling option is a feature that allows you enter or fill in details in fields for your respondents before you send out the form to them, this saves your respondents time when filling out the form. The prefill feature is best used when you already have your respondents data, or when you have added a field that has a general answer. The fields you have filled in with data pre-populates with the details you have input when your respondents open the form.
The fields that can be prefilled are  - All fields in the Builder > input section and all fields in the Choice Option section except Image choice

To prefill a form, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Share page of the form
  • Select the prefill tab at the left navigation bar of the page. This will display a page with the fields on your form that can be prefilled.

  • Enter details in the fields as desired.

  • A unique URL is generated when a field has been prefilled at the bottom of the prefilling page, therefore only copy the URL after you have correctly entered details for all fields that you will like to prefill.  

  • Share the generated URL with the individual whose details you have entered in the fields.

When the respondent opens the form, the prefilled fields are populated with the details you have entered. Respondent can choose to edit these details if they please.

If you have a lot of respondents you will like to prefill a form for, that could take a lot of time, it is suggested you use the dynamic prefill option which helps you fill out respondents email automatically into the desired fields. Click to learn more about the dynamic prefill