Changing Default Texts For Your Form

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2019 11:43AM CET

The custom text option in the Account & Settings page of your form allows you to customize the default text that is shown on your form. You can also change the text to any language of your choice. This option is useful if you will prefer to reword a default message or if you are targeting respondents that are non-English speaking as this will help them understand better.

To locate this option;

  • Click on your email address icon at the top right of your dashboard and select the Account & Settings from the displayed list. This redirects you to the Settings page of your account.


  • Select the Custom text tab from the left navigation bar.

  • Make your desired changes to your preferred text in the provided space for the text.

  • Click on the Save Option button to save your options.

  • The changes you have made will be reflected on the form when your respondents fill out the form.

This option can also be included in individual forms. To edit custom texts on individual forms:

  • Click on the Settings page of the form.

  • Select the Custom texts bar at the left navigation bar. This will display a page similar to what is seen on the Accounts & Settings page.

  • Edit your text as desired.

  • Click on the “Save Option” button at the top of the page to save your changes.


To remove the custom text, clear the text you have added and click on the save option button. This will automatically reset the text on the form with the default text.


Please note that customizing default texts from your Account & Settings page is a global change which affects all forms on your account. However, a customized change done from the Settings > Custom Text of a form overrides that on the Account & Settings page. The customized text for a form can be edited or removed from the Settings > Custom text section for the form.

Therefore, if you will like to make a change across all your forms, use the custom text option on the Account & Settings page from your dashboard but to customize a text for a form, use the Settings > Custom Text option of the form.