Sending Multiple Autoresponder

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2019 11:18AM CET

You can send multiple autoresponder emails to respondents. This option enables you to send an email confirmation to an email address different from that of your respondent, and it is best used for school registration, job application, referrals.

This option can be enabled from the Settings > Autoresponder section of the form you will like to send multiple autoresponders on. Sending out multiple autoresponders is similar to sending out only one autoresponder. See the link for more information on how to send out single autoresponder.

The email addresses to which these multiple autoresponder messages will be sent to will be included in the form by the respondent.

To send out multiple emails,

  • Click on the “Add New Autoresponder” button at the top left of the Autoresponder page. This will display a box similar to that which contained the first autoresponder message. Please note that the option to set multiple autoresponder messages is not displayed until you have set your initial autoresponder message

  • Input your new autoresponder message by clicking on the "Add New Autoresponder" button. This will display a new section to input your new autoresponder message.

  • Click on the Save button to save your newly created autoresponder message.

Without clicking on the Save button, the created message will be deleted.