Table Field

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2019 12:36PM CET

The Table field is a feature that allows form owners create a grid-like section with set of other form fields on their online forms and also provide their respondents with the option of adding more rows to the already set structure for the table when they fill out a form containing the table field.

This field is best used in describing and classifying multiple items, creating lists and for collecting dynamic data.

This field is similar to the matrix field but the Table field enables you to add different other fields in each column and allows respondents to add repeating rows to the already set table structure.
Click here to see how to add a table field to your form.

By default, there are 3 columns on the Table field, however, more columns can be added using the Add Column button at the right of the last column of the field.

Each column in the Table field has its own Edit and Delete [X] icon, with the Edit icon of a column you can:‚Äč
- Rename the column.

- Select a field suitable for the column and edit the selected field.
- Select the option of making a column required or not.

The Table field as a whole has the 3 icons which are consistent with all other fields: Edit icon, Duplicate icon, Delete icon.
From the edit icon of the table field, you can manage the field such that:
1. You can edit the field name, that is, give a title to the table you are creating
2. Input help text for your respondents.

3. You can specify the number of rows that can be added by your respondents to your Table field.
4. Edit the number of rows to be displayed by default on the form this option is set to display only 1 row by default.

You can also edit individual columns in the “Edit columns” section and add more columns to the Table using the “Add New Column” button.
Editing fields in each column are dependent on the type of form field selected the column. This can also be done through the edit icon of the column.
 - You can only add a maximum of 10 columns to your Table field and only a maximum of 50 rows can be added to the Table field.
 - Not all fields can be added in the Table field e.g Phone Field (the number field can serve as a substitute for this).

See this video for visual understanding.