Payment Integrations in Formplus

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2019 05:11PM CET
The Payment feature provides users with payment solutions is currently available on Formplus. Form owners can now create online forms with which they can easily receive payments and donations from their respondents once they have integrated any of the Payment methods into their form.
Currently, there are 3 available payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and Flutterwave, from which users can select from when creating a payment form.
To integrate any of the payment gateways into your account, you will be required to input your payment credentials. Follow the steps below to locate where to input your payment credentials and what payment credentials to input:
  1.  Navigate to the Drag and Drop section of the Builder page of a form.
  2.  Click on the Payment section from the left navigation bar. There will be a display of the 3 different payment gateway.
  3.  Select the payment gateway of your choice, a pop-up appears requiring you to input required payment credentials. Different payment gateways require different payment credentials.
  • To receive payments using PayPal, your Client ID is required, Click here to learn how to generate your PayPal Client ID.
  • To integrate Flutterwave into your Payment form, you need your Flutterwave Public and Private keys. Click here to learn how to generate your Public and Private keys -
  • To receive payments using Stripe, you need to grant access to your Stripe account. Click the link to learn more about Stripe integration.
4. Click on the edit icon on the right side of the field to edit the payment field. You can view specific edit options for the individual payment integrations here - PayPalStripeand Flutterwave.

You can also input your payment credentials from the central Settings page. Follow the steps below;
  1.  Click on your email address at the right corner of your Dashboard 
  2.  Select the Accounts & Settings option from the displayed options. This redirects you to the Settings page.
  3.  Select the Payment option at the left side of the navigation bar on the Settings page, this displays a page showing the different payment gateways and available spaces to input your required payment credentials for any of the payment gateway of your choice. You can always change your payment credentials from this page by clearing the payment credentials or revoking access as in the case of Stripe.
  4.  Click on the Save Options button at the top right corner of the page.

You can change your payment credentials from the Settings page of a form. You can clear your payment credentials from this page or revoke access as in the case of Stripe. You can also view results of your payment transactions from the Settings page of a form. The table displays a list of all payment attempts on the form.

Things to consider when integrating any of the payment methods:
  • There may be deductions from payments by the Payment gateway as Transaction fee for each successful transaction. Paypal and Stripe charge a transaction fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount while Flutterwave charges a token depending on the credit or debit card used to perform the transaction, for a local card, the transaction fee is 1.4% + #10 of the transaction fee, while for an international card, the transaction fee is 3.5% of the transaction amount.
  • Details inputted into the payment gateway can be changed at any time from the Payment tab, at the bottom left of the Settings/Manage page of the form.​​
  • It is required to use a  Paypal business account for transactions as this will allow for a successful credit card transaction.​​
  • ​​​You can receive payments in your local currency when you click on the edit icon of the payment field and select a currency option of your choice
  • Once you have integrated any of the payment gateways, it affects all other forms, this means you do not need to go through the integration process anymore. You only have to click on the payment gateway of your choice to include it in your form. Except you remove the payment credentials from the Settings page of your form.
  • The payments made to the forms are one-off payments and not recurring payments, this means that the payments are not renewable.
  • You can add more than one payment processor to your forms.
  • This feature is available to paying users and not users on a trial plan.
    Ensure to test your payment form with a real payment before sharing it with your respondents.
    Integrating your payment credentials is a ONE-TIME action, this means once you have input your payment credentials for a form, you do not have to input them again for any other form with which you want to receive payment with, you only need to add the payment gateway which you have integrated on the form.

    PS - It is recommended to include a description field on your form, just before the payment field to notify your respondents to return to the form after making payment. If a respondent leaves the form page after making payment without clicking on the "Submit" button, the data entered by the respondent will not be saved, therefore, this data will not be recorded on the responses sheet.