What is Form Analytics

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2018 01:53PM CET

With the Analytics feature, the user not only gets to collect data but also observe how their form is being accessed. Form Analytics is a feature that gives form owners insight as regards the activities on their Forms. It also provides the user with information about the performance on their form. 

The Form Analytics Page can be accessed by clicking on the Analytics (5) option on the Builder Page or from the Analytics option on your form.

The following  tabs are present in the Form Analytics page:
1. Total Visits - The "Total Visit" tab on the analytics page provides the form owner with the number of times the form link has been clicked.

2. Unique Visit- The "Unique Visit" is the number of times a new user accesses a Form. If the same user comes back to the Form again, the unique visit counter does not count that user's visit as Unique anymore.

3. Abandonment Rate - Abandonment rate is used to calculate the percentage of people that visit the form and do not proceed with the submission process.
The abandonment rate can be calculated thus:
  (Number of times the form was visited but not submitted / Total visit) * 100.

4. Conversion Rate.- Conversion rate displays the percentage of visitors that have visited the form and successfully submitted the form.
The conversion rate can be calculated thus:
 (Number of time a form was visited / Total visit) * 100.

5. Average Time Spent

6. Respondents Location.

7. Top devices used to access forms

This Analytics can be viewed within a selected time period, this selection can be done from the drop-down tab located at the top left of the page. Currently, users can manage the data displayed using the time tab on the top-left corner of the Analytics page., This ranges from - All Time, Today, Yesterday, this week to Last week, more options will be added to view earlier time.

Please note:
  • This feature is only available to users storing their form responses in Formplus.
  • Depending on the size or number of responses you have, the Analytics page may take some time to load.
  • If the page remains in a loading state for a long period of time, you can refresh the page or contact   support@formpl.us  for help including the form link in your email.
  • More functionalities will be added to this feature over time.
You can view the summary of responses received on your forms from the Reports under the Response page.