Signature Field

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2018 12:35PM CET
The Signature field is useful in receiving signatures from respondents, that is, with the signature field, respondents can now sign on the form. This Fields is best used in forms that require providing signatures such as Contract Forms, Referral Forms, e.t.c​.

Now, we understand that E-signatures are legally binding in almost all countries and states, but you might also want to consult with your lawyer and update your terms and conditions.

The Signature field is located under the Input section of the Form builder​.
The received signatures on forms are stored as image files on your choice storage (Formplus, Google Drive, Dropbox) and by default are named as signature.png, however, there is an option to rename the uploaded files using a required field
selected from the listings in the option. e.g the response to a selected required field is used to rename the respondents signature. This option helps to organize and segment files.

The Signature field also has "reset" and "accept" options underneath the field. When the "reset" option is clicked it returns the signature display space to its default display which is the empty sign pad, and the "accept" option receives the inputted signature, it only works if there is a signature displayed.