How to make a form private

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2019 08:37PM CET

Forms that are made private are also known as restricted forms. These forms will require sign in before the form can be viewed. This means that only you or members of a team on which the form was created can view or fill out a private form.
Private forms can be used for accessing forms that are restricted to internal use only or may contain sensitive data such as lookup data from another form. It should be noted that non-private forms are only accessible to people you may have shared the form with.  This ensures that only you or your team members can have access to the form.

To make a form private, go to the Settings > General page of the form and toggle the switch below Make Form Private?. This will automatically make your form private; meaning it ’s exclusive to you or members of your team to access.

If a form has been made private on a general account (that is a form that is not within a team) only the owner of the account or anyone with access to the account can log in to fill out the form. If a non-member visits a private form, an error message is shown as seen below

If a member of a different team without access to the form tries to view a private form of another team, an error will be displayed.