How to download files submitted on a form

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2019 01:48PM CET
There are 4 main storage options for files submitted on your Formplus forms - Formplus, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. The storage option for your files is dependent on your preferred storage location. You can see this article to know how to enable storage option on your Formplus account.
You can download files uploaded to your form irrespective of your storage option.

For files stored on Formplus;
  • Go to the Responses page of your form and click on the file you want to download, you will be redirected to a download page.
  • Click on the Download File button below the file name at the right side of the page. This will automatically download your files which will be stored in the download section of your device.

For the download of an image, when you click on the Download file button and the image is displayed, click on the keyboard short keys (Ctrl + S for windows and Cmd +S for MacOS) to download your images.
Please note: For files stored on Formplus, it is not currently possible to download all files at the same time. This option will be available in the future.

For files stored on Google Drive;
From your form responses, click on this link to be redirected to the file.
To view all your files; 
1. Log into your Google Drive account. 
2. Search for the Folder titled "Formplus". 
3. Click on this folder to display the file upload folders of forms that have their file storage service as Google Drive. The file upload folder is titled - "Form name - file submissions". If you have enabled storage of responses on Google Sheets you will also see the spreadsheet of the forms containing form submissions in this folder
4. Click on the file upload folder of the form you will like to download files from and select the file you wish to download. You can choose to download the entire folder or download files individually.
 If you are unsure of how to locate a file, you can do a central search on your Google Drive using the form name or file name. This will display the file in its exact location.

For files stored on Dropbox;
There is a link to the file you wish to download on the responses sheet of your form. You can click on this link to be redirected to your Dropbox account where you view the files.
To view all your files;
1. Log into your Dropbox account and locate the "App" folder.
2. Click on the "App" folder and locate the "Formplus" folder. This Formplus folder contains all the file upload of each form. You can search this Formplus folder using the form name to quickly display the file upload folder for the form
3. Locate the file upload folder for the form you wish to download an image from. This folder will be named as "form name - File submissions".
4. Click on the file you wish to download, this will display the file on full screen.
5. Click on the Download button at the top right of the page to download the file.

For files stored on Microsoft OneDrive;
There is also a link to the file in your responses sheet which redirects you to your OneDrive account to display this file.
Kindly follow the steps to download files stored in your OneDrive account;
1. Log into your OneDrive account.
2. Click on the "Files" folder. This "files" folder also contains a Formplus folder. 
3. Click on the Formplus folder which displays the file upload folder for all forms that have their file storage service as Dropbox. Each folder is named as "FormName - file submissions". 
4. Click on the file upload folder for the form you will like to download files from.
5. Click on the file you will like to download and download as expected by clicking on the download icon at the top of the image.