View summary of responses submitted on a form

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2019 06:48PM CET
On the Response page, you can view the summary of responses submitted on a form by individual field or for all form fields. This gives you an overview of the data received at a glance.

You can select from the different chart options to display a chart. Not all fields are compatible with all chart types:
- Input fields like short text, number, date and time can only be displayed in a table chart with the response frequency included. 
- Choice questions like dropdowns, checkboxes, can be displayed with any of the chart options which includes the: bar, pie, donut, column, table, chart options.
- Matrix field has the option to display the summary as a column and combo chart type.
- Other rating fields can be displayed with all the available chart types ()

To view the response summary for a form:
  • Access the Responses page by clicking the Responses option (5) from the builder menu options or by clicking the Responses option for the form from the Forms page.
  • Enable the "View Summary" switch to view responses summary.
  • On the Responses page, there are two dropdowns at the top of the page with a Display Chart button. Select a field from the first drop-down then select a chart type from the second drop-down and click the Display Chart button to load the chart.
  • To add a chart for another field, repeat the step above
  • To remove a chart from the page, click the close (x) button at the top-right of the chart.
  • To download a chart, click the Download button at the top-right of the page.
  • Currently, you can only download one chart at a time., if you have multiple charts on a page, the last added chart is what will be downloaded. To download all charts, click the download button after adding each chart then you can merge all downloaded chart images into a document or PDF file. Online applications like SmallPDF or JPG2PDF can easily help convert multiple images to a single PDF file.
Things to note:
  • This feature is only available to users storing their form responses in Formplus.
  • Depending on the size or number of responses you have, the Analytics page may take some time to load
  • If the page remains in a loading state for a long period of time, you can refresh the page or contact for help including the form link in your email.
  • Table charts are not downloadable
  • More functionality will be added to this feature over time.