Offline Forms - How form submission without an internet connection works

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018 02:22PM CET
All Formplus forms now allow form submissions offline (without an internet connection). This comes by default and is available on all plans, you do not need to enable any option to make this work.

When a form is submitted without an internet connection, the submission is stored on the respondent's device then automatically synced to our servers or your cloud storage option once there is an internet connection.

The major thing to note if you want your form(s) to be submitted offline, is that this feature is not currently compatible with all browsers, support for other browsers may come in the future.

As at the time this article was last updated, the offline form submission functionality is currently only supported by the browsers listed below:
  • Chrome Browsers from version 49 and above
  • Chrome for Android from version 64 and above
  • Opera Browser from version 36 and above
  • Opera Mobile from version 36 and above
  • Samsung Internet from version 5 and above
  • UC Browser for Android from version 11.8 and above
  • QQ Browser from version 1.2
Other browsers asides from the ones listed above may not work for offline form submission as expected. Particularly, you should note that offline form submission does not currently work on Edge, Firefox, and Safari browsers (works on Chrome for Mac).

This means to use the offline functionality on a form, you will need to ensure all respondents have any of the compatible browsers listed above on their devices. When in doubt, you can request they download the latest version of Chrome on their device.

Best Practices:

  • The form has to be fully loaded on the device in a place with a good internet connection at least once before the form can be accessed offline. Afterwards, the form can always be refreshed even without an internet connection.
  • For easier access or if the form will be frequently used, you can consider adding the form to the home screen on your device. That way, it is listed amongst your device apps.
  • CAPTCHA cannot be verified offline, make sure the CAPTCHA option for the form is disabled.
  • Offline responses are best synced with a WiFi connection and may take some time before all responses are finally updated to the response spreadsheet.
This feature is still in Beta. If you will like to use this in receiving responses from your respondents/team members and not just for testing purposes, please send an email to about using the offline form functionality before sharing the form. Thank you.