Offline Forms - How form submission without an internet connection works

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2019 01:47PM CET
Forms created on Formplus can be filled offline (without an internet connection). This comes by default and is available on all plans, you do not need to enable any option or install any application to make this work. Formplus forms automatically detect when there is no network connectivity and allows the forms to be submitted offline.

The major thing to note if you want your form(s) to be submitted offline, is that this feature is not currently compatible with all browsers, support for other browsers may come in the future. This feature is best used on the latest version of the Chrome browser.

As at the time this article was last updated, the offline form submission functionality is currently only supported by the browsers/devices listed below:
  • Chrome desktop (Mac/OSX inclusive)
  • Firefox desktop (Mac/OSX inclusive)
  • Chrome mobile (Android)
  • Firefox mobile (Android)
  • Samsung internet.
Other browsers asides from the ones listed above may not work for offline form submission as expected. Particularly,  it should be noted that Safari and iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) are not currently supported for offline form submissions

This means to use the offline functionality on a form, you will need to ensure all respondents have any of the compatible browsers listed above on their devices. When in doubt, you can request they download the latest version of Chrome on their device.

Best Practices:

  • The form has to be fully loaded on the device in a place with a good internet connection at least once before the form can be accessed offline. Afterwards, the form can always be reloaded, filled and submitted even without an internet connection.
  • To confirm your form is fully loaded and available for offline use, turn off your internet connection and try to reload the form offline. If you can successfully reload the form offline then the form is available for offline use, if you are unable to reload the form offline, it means the form was not fully loaded while you were online. You will need to load the form again with a good internet connection then retry loading the form offline.
  • For easier access or if the form will be frequently used, you can consider adding the form to the home screen on your device. That way, it is listed amongst your device apps.
  • Offline responses are best synced with a WiFi connection and may take some time before all responses are finally updated to the response spreadsheet.
  • When a form is submitted without an internet connection, a message is shown to indicate a successful offline submission. The submission is stored on the respondent's device and synced once a stable internet connection is detected.
  • It should be noted that submissions are not always automatically synced once there is an internet connection, it is recommended that the respondent goes back to reload the form when they are back online to check if their submission(s) have been automatically synced or not. If there are still pending submissions yet to be synced, a banner will be shown on the form with a button to 'Sync Now', this triggers the manual syncing of the pending submissions