How to change your form's size by specifying a form width

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2018 03:09PM CET
You can change the size of your form to make it smaller or bigger by changing the default form width.

The default form width is 800px and has been found to work best on all devices. Your form may be viewed on different devices and screen sizes, keep this in mind before changing the default width (The form will still be responsive regardless of the width specified).

To change a form's width:
  • Navigate to the Customise page of the form either after creating/editing of the form or by clicking the Customise option on your Forms page.
  • On the Customise page, click on the 'Form Width & Layout' option from the left menu options. 
  • Input the new form width in the 'Specify Form Width (in pixels)' field. Only numbers need to be inputted, i.e. 650
  • Please note that form width changes are not displayed in the preview window. Click on the 'Preview Form' button to view the new form width you have specified.
  • To reset a form to the default width, clear any existing number in the input field and the form will be back to its initial size.