Enable Geolocation: How to obtain location data with each form submission

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 02:57PM CET
You can turn on the location feature on a form to obtain the location data of your form respondents (with their permission).

This feature determines the location using the geographical location of the user, it is most accurate for devices with GPS. When a location-enabled form is loaded in the browser, a prompt is displayed to the user to either 'Allow' or 'Deny' access to the website to get their current location.

For cases when the user denies access to obtain their location, the IP address is used in determining the location which isn't as accurate as the GPS obtained location.

To enable location access in a form:
  • Access the Settings page of the form from your Forms page or by navigating to the third (Settings) tab in the form builder.
  • On the Location section of the Basic tab (default/first tab), click the toggle button below 'Location'  to enable the option (button turns green).
  • To disable this option, click the toggle button back to its default state (button turns grey).
A Location column is added to the form's response spreadsheet and the Responses page (for those storing responses in Formplus) that has the location data. You can also see a map overview of all responses location data (if you are storing responses in Formplus) on the Responses page. To do this:
  • Access the Responses page of the form from your Forms page or by navigating to the fourth (Responses) tab in the form builder. 
  • Click on the Map button at the top of the Responses page.
  • A Google Map pop-up is displayed, all areas were submissions are coming from has a location marker (red location marker), multiple submissions from the same location can be grouped together and displayed as a number instead. You can click on the location marker or number for a more detailed/closer view.
    • You can also switch to the Google Street View mode by clicking on the Pegman (yellow icon) at the bottom-right corner of the man, then drag and drop the Pegman on the location marker you want to explore.

    Kindly note that there is a possibility a form respondent can spoof their location data thereby passing wrong information.