How to Receive Offline Form Submissions via Conversational SMS to Respondents

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 01:07PM CET
Formplus provides an option for your users to submit your form(s) through a conversational SMS. This feature is still in Beta and will be improved on as time goes on. We are open to feedback on how this feature can work better for your needs. Kindly fill this form to share your feedback with us.

In addition to sharing a form link or embedding a form, you can add the phone number(s) of people you will like to receive SMS submissions from. This means you can receive submissions offline and online on the same form. Responses received from the offline and online medium are stored in the same response spreadsheet or responses page.

Please note that filling forms via SMS will incur SMS charges from the respondent's service provider. Your Formplus subscription does not cover the costs of sending SMS from mobile to our servers.

The conversational SMS is most suitable for short forms, survey, and feedback forms. It currently works this way:
  • When you add the phone number(s) you will like to share the form with, an SMS is sent to their phone with the message 'Hi, you have been invited to fill Form Name. Reply 'START' to begin'.
  • When the user replies with START, the first question is sent to them. When they reply to the first question, the second question is sent, and so on until all the questions in the form have been responded to.
  • Afterwards, a success message is sent to them that their response has been submitted successfully. The user can reply with STOP at any point to stop filling the form, SKIP to move on to the next question, and RESET to clear previous responses and restart the submission
  • When a number is added and the user is yet to respond, they have the status - pending in the 'Shared SMS (Text) Conversations' section. When a user has started filling the form, they have the staus active. When a user has completed the form, their response is added to other responses and their number removed from the page.
To add the phone number(s) of respondents to fill a form via SMS:
  • Access the Settings page of the form from your Forms page or by navigating to the third (Settings) tab in the form builder.
  • Click the Publish & Share tab on the left navigation bar and scroll to the SMS Share section.
SMS Share Settings Photo
  • For a single phone number, input the number in the 'Share with Single Phone Number' field and click the Add button to share the form with the respondent.
  • For multiple phone numbers, enter the numbers in the 'Share to Multiple Phone Numbers' field, each number separated by a comma or space, then click Add button after all numbers have been inputted.