View submitted responses in Formplus

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2019 01:43PM CET
You can view form responses right in Formplus and not just Google Sheets if you choose to store submitted form responses in our database. This option can be enabled from your Account &Settings page or in the Settings page of a form.

To view responses in Formplus:
  • Visit your Forms page and select the 'Settings' option for the chosen form.
  • Click on the 'General' tab of the form
  • Navigate to 'Where do you want to store your responses?' select Formplus
  • Your changes are automatically saved and this means that all the responses coming to the form will be sent to Formplus.

  • The Responses page has a number of options which are explained below.
  1. Major Versions: After any major change has been made to the form such as adding a field or deleting a field, a new version of the response table is created for consistency. The versions are named as the 'Last edit date and time'.
  2. Hide Columns: Select the field(s) to hide from the display table. You can unhide a column the same way also.
  3. Refresh Page: Refresh the page to see incoming/new responses.
  4. Import: Import data to be used on the responses page
  5. Download Responses: Download all stored responses for the form as a CSV file
  6. View Form: View the actual form.
  7. Google Sheets: View responses in Google Sheets.
  8. Search Bar: Search submitted responses per column.