Include form responses and add responses as an attachment in submission notification emails

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2018 04:28PM CET
As an improvement to the Submission Notification feature, submitted form responses can now be included in the body of the submission email notification. You can also choose to convert the submitted responses into a Microsoft Word or PDF Document which is attached to the email. Please note that this feature is currently only available with the 'Send a notification with every response' notification schedule option.

You can enable these options by following the steps below.
  • Access the form settings page by clicking the Settings tab in the form builder or by visiting your Forms page and clicking the Settings option for the form in question.
  • On the form's Settings page, click the Email Notifications option on the left menu bar and scroll to the Notification Response section.
  • Turn on the 'Would you like to see the responses in notifications?' option by clicking the toggle button to add users response to the notification email body.
Include Form Responses in Notification Emails Photo
  • Select an option (PDF/Word) from the 'Would you also like a copy of the responses  as an attachment?' field to include submitted responses as an attachment. The default option is 'Disable', change to default ('Disable') to turn this option off.