Send submission notifications to multiple email addresses

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2019 05:56PM CET
Formplus lets you receive notifications for form submissions, these email notifications are sent to the email address associated with your Form+ account by default. You can choose to add other email addresses to receive submission notifications, you can also choose to exclude yourself from receiving notifications.

To add other email addresses to receive submission notifications for a form:
  • Access the form settings page by clicking the Settings tab in the form builder or by visiting your Forms page and clicking the Settings option for the form in question.
  • On the form's Settings page, click the Email Notifications option on the left menu bar and scroll to the Notification Emails section.
Add Notification Email Photo
  • Type in the email address in the 'Add email address...' field then click on the add ('+') button to add the email. Repeat this process for any email address you will like to add.
  • An opt-in email will be sent to the added email address(es), once accepted they will start receiving notifications at the scheduled time for notifications.
Remove Notification Emails Photo
  • To remove an email address, click on the close/remove ('x') button. A notification recipient can also opt-out from receiving emails by clicking the opt-out link included in the notification emails.
  • You can choose to not receive notifications to the email address associated with your Form+ account, by default this is enabled. To change the default behaviour, turn off the 'Do you also want to receive email notifications?' option by clicking the switch below.
Turn Off Notifications Photo