How to validate or restrict uploaded files in a form

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017 01:53PM CET
By default, Form+ places no restriction on the files that can be uploaded in a form, files of any size and type can be uploaded to your forms. The file upload validation feature lets you specify the type of file you would like to receive from your form respondents and if you wish, the size of files that can be uploaded.

The file upload validation feature can be accessed from the File Upload field in the form builder.

While editing a file upload field, switch to the Validation tab to set your validation options,
  • Max File Size: This is the maximum size of file your form users will be able to upload for that upload field. This is to be specified in Megabytes (MB). For example, if you want files of not more than 3 MB in size to be uploaded, input '3' in the Max File Size field and if you want to receive maximum file sizes of 500 KB, input 0.5 in the field.
  • File Categories: File categories is useful if you are not sure of the file types that may be uploaded by your users. It also makes it easier to specify the type of files you would like to receive based on category, currently Images, Videos, and Documents (you can select multiple categories). Once selected only file types related to the selected category will be allowed on your forms. If you need your form users to upload files not covered by the specified category, kindly specify the file type in the Allowed File Extensions (See below).
  • Allowed File Extensions: This lets you specify the exact type of files you would like to receive, please make sure you include all possible file types expected from your form users. For example, to receive only pdf, doc, jpg, png, and psd files, you will input pdf, doc, jpg, png, psd in the allowed file extensions field.
  • Click on the 'Save' button to save your validation options and remember to click on the 'Save Form' button once you are done editing or building your form.
Please note that you can use a combination of file categories and file types or either of the two.