How to print a form

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2019 11:14AM CET
To print a Formplus form is as basic as printing all other documents on your computer. Forms can be printed using the print command on your keyboard - Ctrl + P (On a window computer) or Cmd + P (On a Mac). This is a simple way to print a one-page form. However, the print action might be hindered on a multipage form with validation, as you will be required to fill the form if you wish to print. Therefore, to print a multi-page form, kindly follow the steps below;
  • Duplicate the form you will like to print out. You can see how to duplicate a form here.
  • Remove all validations (required and logic) from the duplicated form. So that when printing, you can move to the next page without filling out the form.
  • View the duplicated form link in a new tab.
  • Click on the keys Ctrl + P (On a window computer) or Cmd + P (On Mac) to print the form.
  • Move to the next page of the form to print another page of the form.