How to change the layout of a form

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019 03:12PM CET
You can change your form’s layout from the default layout. There are 3 layout options available, listed below:
  1. Right to left - Displays form labels and input fields in a right-to-left format. Most useful for forms in right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, e.t.c.
  2. Side by side - Displays form labels and input fields side by side, labels to the left and input fields to the right.
  3. Default: Displays form labels to the top and input fields below it. This is the default layout option.

To change the layout of your form, access the form’s Customisation page (by clicking the Customise icon for the form from your Form’s page or after creating/editing your form), then click on Form Width & Layout from the Customisation menu options at the left side of the page and select the layout of your choice.

Your form will be displayed as the chosen layout in the form preview pane. To restore the default layout option, select 'Default'.