Markdown Cheatsheet: Add text, paragraphs, lists, links, and formatting to a form

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2019 12:38PM CET
Formplus allows you to add more text, basic text formatting, links & images to your form using the Description field found in the Media & Structure section of the Drag & Drop fields in the form builder. Below is an overview of some Markdown uses which you may use in your forms.


Paragraphs are very easy. You will add a paragraph the same way you add a paragraph in any other text/document editor. Just type in your text and press the Enter key on your keyboard to create another paragraph.


Headers can be used to specify the size of a text, headers range from h1 to h6 with h1 being the largest header size and h6 being the smallest header size. To use the header in the Description field, click on the H icon from the toolbar or type in the hashtags directly. The number of times you click the icon or the number of hashtags inputted stands for the heading level. For example:

# Heading One - h1
## Heading Two - h2
### Heading Three - h3
#### Heading Four - h4
##### Heading Five - h5
###### Heading Six - h6


Bolden & Italicize Text

You can place emphasis on text using the asterisk (*) or underscore (_). This is easily accessible by clicking the 'B' or 'I' icon in the toolbar, click B to make a text Bold and I to make a text Italics.

Markdown syntax for italicizing a text uses a single asterisk (*text*) or underscore (_text_) and the syntax to make a text bold uses the double asterisk (**text**). To make a text both bold and italicized, simply add 3 asterisks(***text***)  around your text or click the Bold and Italicize icon together.


Links & Images

To add a link, click on the link icon or you use this snippet - [Link text]( while to add an image, click on the image icon or use this snippet-![Image title]( The difference between the link and image syntax is the! symbol at the beginning of the image syntax.

You can also make an image a link or add a link to your image by adding the image in a link as the Link text (in between the square brackets). You can do this by clicking the link icon first then the image icon in between the square brackets or by making use of this snippet -

[![Image Title](](


- Lists

You can add a list to your form by clicking either of the lists icons. For numbered list, you can just simply type in the numbers and for bulleted lists, you can use a '*' or '-' to create bullets.