Creating a New Form

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2017 03:12PM CET
You can create a new form by building it from scratch or by starting off with a template. Kindly read this support article to learn how to create a form using a template. To create a form from scratch:

1) Click on the Create form button on the Dashboard or on the footer of any of the pages.


2) Edit your form a name by clicking the default ‘Click to edit form title’ text at the top of the builder. Delete the existing text and type in your form's title, then click on the Save button.


 3) On the left-hand side of the form builder page are the Drag & Drop fields. Click or Drag & Drop any of the form fields need to add it to the builder pane.


4) To reorder your fields or change the arrangement of your field, just drag the fields around to the new location.

5) Change the default text of the form field and add validations by clicking on the edit icon to the right of any form field to edit it. Learn more about editing a field here.

6) To duplicate a form field, click on the copy/duplicate icon to the right of the field.


7) To delete a form field, click on the delete icon to the right of the field. This action cannot be undone.


8) After adding, editing, and reordering the needed form fields the way you want it, click on the Save Form button at the top right of the page to create your form.

9) When the form has been successfully saved, you will be redirected to the Customise tab/page for your form where you can select different customisation options you would like to add to the form.

Please note that the Clear button deletes every field in the form builder and should be used with caution. Also, there is currently no way to undo or redo form changes.