The Form Builder

Last Updated: May 30, 2019 08:11AM CET
The Form Builder is basically where forms are created. You can access the form builder by clicking the Create Form button on the Dashboard or in the footer of any of the pages.
The builder is divided into 6 sections:

1) Builder - This is where you build/create your forms. This section has the fields at the left side of the page which you can either drag and drop into the building section or click to appear in the building section
2) Customise  - At this section, you add colors, themes, background image/ logo, to your forms. by using the customize options at the left side of the customize page.
3) Settings - This is where you add other form options/settings to your form. 
4) Share - At this section, you get different share options such as embed option, email invitation (invite respondents to fill your form via email), prefill option (automatically fill out some fields for respondents).
5). Responses - At the section, you can view the responses submitted to your form. This is only visible if you have allowed storage of responses on Formplus.
6)  Analytics - At this section, you can see how your respondents interact with your form.