The Forms Page

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2019 03:22PM CET

All your created forms can be accessed from the Forms page. Your forms are displayed in a list format in ascending order of the most recently created/modified forms.  You can easily search for any of your forms using the search bar at the upper right side of the page (1).

An item (form) on the form listing consists of:
  • A Form Title, 2: the form title is the name of your form, clicking on the form title opens the form in a new tab.
  • Last Modified Date, 3: the date the form was last edited.
  • Form Created Date, 4: the date the form was created.
  • Open, 5 : opens the form in a new tab.
  • Edit, 6 : this link takes you to the form builder where you can modify or duplicate the selected form.
  • Settings, 7: links to the Settings page of the form builder where you can modify the selected form settings.
  • Responses, 8: displays a count of the total number of the form’s submitted responses by the side. When clicked, it opens the response spreadsheet in a new tab.
  • Duplicate, 9 : this option duplicates the form
  • Customise, 10: this takes you to the form customisation page
  • Share,11: this takes you to the share page of the form
  • Analytics, 12: this takes you to the analytics page of the form
  • Status,13: provides information about the form’s submissions. When clicked, there is a pop-up that displays the number of pending uploads and the number of pending submissions.
  • Delete 14: Clicking on delete shows up a confirmation page asking if you would like to cancel, delete the form alone or delete the form & responses. Deleting the form & responses deletes the response spreadsheet from your Drive together with the form while deleting the form alone deletes only the form from your account. Bear in mind that the delete action is not reversible, kindly use with caution.