Transfer a Form to another Formplus account

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2019 01:05PM CET

Formplus now lets you transfer forms from one account to another. You can transfer a form alone or transfer a form together with all the form data (form responses and uploads).

To transfer a form:
  • Navigate to your form Settings page either after creating/editing a form or by clicking the Manage option of the form from your Forms page
  • On your form Settings page, click on the Form Transfer tab on the left navigation bar.
  • Enter the email address of the account you would like to transfer to in the New owner email field and type in the same email in the Repeat new owner email field to confirm the email address.
  • Enable the Copy results option if you would like to transfer the form data also (Unlimited plan only), then select the result spreadsheets you would like to include (you can select multiple). Copying results will remove the spreadsheet from your Drive, you should duplicate the spreadsheet in your Drive before transferring the form if you need a copy of the responses.

  • Click on the Transfer button to initiate the transfer process
  • You would receive a Success message once the transfer is completed. Email notification about the transfer would be sent to you and the new form owner.
  • Core and Pro accounts which do not have access to transfer form data (copy results) directly, can share the existing form response sheet and uploads folder with the new account from their Drive and Dropbox (if you enabled the Dropbox storage option) then make the new account the owner of the file and folder. For users transferring all their forms, you can share the entire Formplus folder in your Drive and the Formplus folder in your Dropbox (if you have enabled the Dropbox (if you enabled the Dropbox storage option) with the new account. For a guide on sharing and changing ownership of files and folder, you can read this article on our blog.

Note: Forms with Date, Time, DateTime fields may have the value of these fields displayed in its raw format upon transfer. You can display it back in its original format by changing the column to a Date/Time/Date Time format from the 'More formats' option in the Sheets toolbar.

Please note that:

If the account the form is been transferred from has set Google drive as its default storage service, it is required that the new account should also set Google drive as its default storage service.
Follow the following steps to know if the account transferring the form has authorized Google drive:
  • Click on the email address at the top right of the dashboard and select the Account & Settings option. You will be redirected to the Settings page.
  • Click on the Permissions tab at the left navigation bar and confirm if Google Drive is the default storage, that is, “Default Provider” is displayed under the Google icon.
If this is so, then the account receiving the form should also Authorize and set Google Drive if this action has not been performed. Follow the process above and select the “Authorize and Set” button under the Google icon to set Google Drive as default storage.