Add an Intro Page to a Form

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2019 05:12PM CET
Formplus now lets you add an introductory page to your forms. This page is displayed before your form and it can be useful for communicating instructions, terms, and conditions, or any information your form users need to know before they start filling your form.

The Intro Page has a ‘Start’ button towards the end of the Intro page which takes your users to your form when clicked. The ‘Start’ text and button color can be changed to your choice of text and color.

Currently, the option to add an intro page is on the form settings page. This means you will need to create your form first, then add the intro page from your form Settings page. To add an intro page:
  • Navigate to your form Settings page after creating/editing your form, or by clicking on the Settings option of the form from your Forms page
  • On your form Settings page, click on the Intro & Post Submission Page tab from the left navigation bar and enable the Intro page by clicking the Intro Page Content & Color button.
  • The text alignment and direction can also be changed in the Text Placement section on the same tab.
  • You can click on the Preview Form button to view your added Intro page and go back to your Settings page to make any changes necessary (if any).