Embedding a Form on your Website

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2019 03:20PM CET
Formplus lets you embed forms you create on any website. To embed a form on your website:
  • Navigate to your form Share page either after creating/editing a form or by clicking the Share option of the form from your forms page
  • On your form Share page, click on the Publish tab from the left navigation menu.
  • The Display on your Site/Page section has the options for embedding a form. Click on the 'Use as Popup' button to embed the form as a popup, click on the 'Use as iFrame Embed'  button to display the form on your website as an iframe and click on the 'Embed in Facebook Page'  button to embed the form on your Facebook page.
  • Click on the Copy code link in the pop-up box of any option/button selected to automatically copy the code. Paste this copied code in the appropriate place on your website.
You can change the height and width options to fit best into your website. You can also remove the scrollbar by changing the value of 'scrolling' to 'no'.