Paying via Bank Transfer

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2017 08:43PM CET
You can make payments for your subscription via bank transfer. However, you should note that:
  • This mode of payment is only available for the Yearly Premium Subscription plan.
  • The 20% discount that comes with yearly plans does not apply to yearly subscriptions purchased via bank transfer.
  • Subscriptions paid via bank transfer do not auto-renew. This means you would have to purchase another subscription after your subscription end date.
  • Bank transfers take time to process which means it may take days for us to receive payment. However, if after four days we are yet to receive your payment, we will activate your subscription for few days after which we expect to have received your payment.

To pay via bank transfer, please send a request email to with the link to a form created with your Form+ account. A custom URL will be sent to your email to complete your order, after which you will receive instructions on how to make payment.